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    ответьте на викторину от покерстарз!! до 14 сентября (ответы прилагаються.) и получете билет на турнире где будет разыгрываться 9 мест с баянами для WCOOP 2010 !!!!!! турниры проидут 18 Сентябрь в 22:00 - 19 Сентябрь в 4:00 по мск
    п.с так как покер старз не дураки они постоянно меняют вопросы местами так что ишите ответы в этои куче я сам потратил на это два с половинои часа)
    http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/wcoop-quiz/ здесь полная информация и тест
    01) How much does the first $50 Stellar reward cost to purchase?
    Ответ - 1 FPP
    02) Vanessa Rousso has won how much money playing in NAPT events?
    Ответ - $65,080
    03) Can SilverStars play in the $30,000 Weekly Tourney?
    Ответ - Yes
    04) Who said, “I play a little poker. The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy sometimes visit me the North Pole where we play short-handed Badugi”?
    Ответ – Santa
    05) Which Team Pokerstars Pro won $750,000 in NAPT Mohegan Sun 2010?
    Ответ - Vanessa Selbst
    06) How much money can you make with VIP Stellar rewards in one year?
    Ответ - $1,000
    07) Which Team Pro said, "Whew, bad time to lose internet" but went on to win his WCOOP event in 2007?
    Ответ - Greg Raymer
    08) What are the highest stakes Pokerstars offers for ring game tables?
    Ответ - $1,000/$2,000
    09) Which Team Pro said, "I have a hard time with 200 players, you made it with over 24,000"?
    Ответ - Chad Brown
    10) How much does it cost for a BronzeStar to play in the $2,000 weekly tourney?
    Ответ - 50 FPPs
    11) Who is the youngest WSOP Main event winner?
    Ответ - Joe Cada
    12) What was the total prize pool of SCOOP 2010?
    Ответ - $63,802,405
    13) Who won the WSOP 2010 World Cup Penalty Shoot Out?
    Ответ – Spain
    14) Which Friend of Pokerstars was their school´s Rubik´s cube champion in 6th grade?
    Ответ - Bill Chen
    15) What status is required to purchase a $2500 Travel GiFull Tilt Certificate from the VIP Store?
    Ответ - Silverstar and above
    16) Which UK Team Pro placed 2nd in a 2009 SCOOP event winning $250,000?
    Ответ - John Duthie
    17) Which two games feature as part of the 8 game mix on PokerStars ?
    Ответ - Limit 2-7 Triple Draw and Limit Hold’em
    18) How many sets of Team Pro players are blood relatives?
    Ответ – 2
    19) Is there any statistical category that the US was not dominating in the 2009 WCOOP?
    Ответ – No
    20) What kind of shuffle does Pokerstars use?
    Ответ - Static
    21) Which event did Vanessa Rousso win at Season 5 EPT Monte Carlo?
    Ответ - High Roller
    22) Can you qualify for the WCOOP through Steps satellites?
    Ответ - Yes
    23) How many UK players won bracelets in WCOOP 2009?
    Ответ – 4
    24) You are holding Js Ts and your opponent shows As Td and the board is Jc 6s 8h 9c 7h, who wins the show down?
    Ответ - Neither, its a split pot
    25) How many SCOOP cashes did Team Pro George Lind achieve in 2010?
    Ответ - 27
    26) What is Daniel Negreanu´s Pokerstars username?
    Ответ – KidPoker
    27) In relation to Pokerstars, what dows Loose Cannon refer to?
    Ответ - The Big Game
    28) What is the starting stack size for the UKIPT Dublin NLHE Main Event?
    Ответ - 15,000
    29) Which Pokerstars Big Game season one video has Phil Helmuth losing three times when they run it four times?
    Ответ - Week 1, Episode 3
    30) Who won the 2006 WBCOOP Main Event?
    Ответ – Daleroxxu
    31) What was Julian Thew´s first live event as Team PS Pro?
    Ответ - Manchester UKIPT
    32) In which venue is LAPT Florianopolis played?
    Ответ - Costao do Santinho Resort
    33) How many Icelandic players had cashed in the LAPT by July 2010?
    Ответ - 3
    34) Who is Vanessa Rousso married to?
    Ответ - Chad Brown
    35) How many unique players played in the WCOOP 2009?
    Ответ - 43,973
    36) How quickly can the Porsche Cayman S get you to 60 mph?
    Ответ - 5.1 seconds
    37) Who played in the EPT Grand Final 2010 Sportstars Go Heads Up?
    Ответ - Boris Becker and Fatima Moreira de Melo
    38) Do Goldstars get access to any VIP freerolls?
    Ответ - Yes, monthly $100,000 freeroll
    39) Which Million Dollar Challenger says “I’m ready to go for my country”?
    Ответ - Denny Luna
    40) Who gives you the virtual tour of the software on PokerStars .com?
    Ответ - Daniel Negreanu
    41) Which WCOOP event saw Chris Moneymaker finish 13th and Vanessa Rousso finish 3rd?
    Ответ - Event 31 WCOOP 2008
    42) How much money do you win for eliminating a Team Pokerstars Pro in the Turbo Takedown?
    Ответ - $100
    43) How much money did Alexander Soderlund win in LAPT Season One?
    Ответ - $77,213
    44) How many countries had players who had 95 points in the 2009 WCOOP leader board?
    Ответ - 6
    45) Who has won the most money in EPT tournaments so far?
    Ответ - Glen Chorny
    46) What colour was discontinued Pokerstars teddy bear from the VIP store?
    Ответ - Dark green
    47) How many countries cashed in the 2009 WCOOP?
    Ответ - 104
    48) Which music video does Daniel Negreanu appear in?
    Ответ - Kate Perry's "Walking Up in Vegas"
    49) Which is the most expensive plush toy available in the VIP Store?
    Ответ - Shark
    50) You have 0 VPPs, how many $10+$1 Sit & Gos do you need to play to become SilverStar?
    Ответ - 137
    51) Which main events are free for Supernova Elites?
    Ответ - WCOOP ME & PCA
    52) Which option does the small blind not have before the flop?
    Ответ - Check
    53) What was Joe Hachem´s career before he was a Team Pro Player?
    Ответ – Chiropractor
    54) How much does the item in the image cost in the VIP store?
    Ответ - 2850 FPP
    55) Who are the members of Pokerstars Team Asia Pro?
    Ответ - Bryan Huang, Celina Lin, Raymond Wu, Tae Joon Noh
    56) By how much did the total prize pool exceed the garantee in the FL Badugi event in the 2009 WCOOP?
    Ответ - $12,800
    57) You are holding Js Ts and your opponent shows Ks Qc, the board is As Jd 6s 3s Qs, who wins the showdown?
    Ответ - Your opponent wins
    58) Who won the most bracelets up to the end of Event 33 of the 2008 WCOOP?
    Ответ - spawng and kwob20
    59) How many events did the 2nd WCOOP (2003) feature?
    Ответ – 11
    60) What is the most expensive item in the VIP store excluding the concierge service?
    Ответ - Porsche Cayman S
    61) Which week 1 Pokerstars Big Game hand ends with Phil Laak pushing out Ernest Wiggins with T6?
    Ответ - Hand 20
    62) Who was the only non Australian player at the 2010 ANZPT Perth final table?
    Ответ - Eoin Kennedy
    63) How many Weekly Finals are there in the Million Dollar Lamborghini freeroll?
    Ответ - 10
    64) How many different ‘astronomers’ freerolls are there at PokerStars ?
    Ответ – 13
    65) Which Team Pro has made the most cash in SCOOP tourneys?
    Ответ - Jude Ainsworth
    66) Which Team Pro shares a birthday with Sandra Bullock, Mich Jagger, …?
    Ответ - Daniel Negreanu
    67) Which poker hand is known as ‘a boat’?
    Ответ - Full House
    68) Is it possible to install Pokerstars on Linux?
    Ответ - Yes -both Macs and PCs
    69) Which Pokerstars sponsored event does the Golden Vegas Casino in Bratislava host?
    Ответ - CSPT Bratislava
    70) What do Jason Alexander, Bill Chen, Teddy Sheringham and Pierre Neuville have in common?
    Ответ - They are all 'Friends of PokerStars '
    71) Which SCOOP event saw World Champions finish in 304th place and 191st place?
    Ответ - SCOOP Event #38 2010
    72) What was the buy-in of the WCOOP Main Event in 2004?
    Ответ - $2,600
    73) Which freerolls shares their names with a famous telescope?
    Ответ - Hubble freerolls
    74) Who finished 47th in APPT 1 Sydney?
    Ответ - Trudie Sultana
    75) Where is the grand final of the France Poker Series?
    Ответ - Paris
    76) Which Team Pokerstars Pro won two bracelets in the 2009 WCOOP?
    Ответ - Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier
    77) Who are the two leads in the 2008 poker movie 'Deal'?
    Ответ - Bret Harrison and Burt Reynolds
    78) What is the cash alternative to the Audi TT in the Turbo Takedown?
    Ответ - $40,000
    79) How many UKIPT tournaments are not in England?
    Ответ – 4
    80) Which player was ranked 19th in LAPT Season One for most money won?
    Ответ - Juan Jose Perez
    81) Are there play money re-buy tournaments at PokerStars ?
    Ответ – Yes
    82) Which small country has more than 100 cashes in the WCOOP?
    Ответ – Belgium
    83) Who wins at showdown, if the board (community cards) is as follows: T T J K A?
    Ответ - K Q
    84) Who won the first Pro-Gamer Challenge at PokerStars ?
    Ответ - Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier
    85) Who is Team Pokerstars Pro Ukraine?
    Ответ - Denys Shcherbakov
    86) Which Million Dollar Challenger´s nickname is J-money?
    Ответ - Joe Lucido
    87) Which starting hand is called 'pocket snowmen'?
    Ответ – 88
    88) How many Weekly Round 2 tournaments are there every week?
    Ответ – 2
    89) Which author has the most autographed books for sale in the VIP store?
    Ответ - David Sklansky
    90) Who is the champion of the 2010 ANZPT Queenstown Main Event?
    Ответ - Julian Cohen
    91) What is the prize pool of the Weekly Round 2 tournaments?
    Ответ - $2,000
    92) Which German player has the most SCOOP cashes of all time?
    Ответ - George Danzer
    93) Which SCOOP event was won by a Team Pro catching a flush on the river with a starting hand of Tc 8c?
    Ответ - SCOOP Event #22 2009

    94) «Tie Breaker Question*»: How many people will play in the following WCOOP 2010 Tournament?
    #43 - $320 PL Omaha (6-max, Rebuys) - 20/09/2010, 14:00 ET
    Ответ - max 24,000

    95) Did David Williams contribute to Power Hold’em?
    Ответ - Yes
    96) Who went with Humberto Brenes to swim with dolphins in 2009?
    Ответ - Robert Labaire and Chandra Comfort
    97) What is the maximum number of play chips it is possible to own?
    Ответ - 20 million
    98) What is the best hand in badugi?
    Ответ - A 2 3 4 all of different suits
    99) Is smoking allowed at the PCA?
    Ответ - No
    100) How old do you have to be to play at the PCA?
    Ответ – 18
    101) Which of the two players can form the best five-card hand with their hole cards on a board of 5c 6c Qc 2c 2s?
    Ответ - Qh Td
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